Thomas Meinecke in Dublin

If perchance you’re reading this in Dublin and are looking for some free exposure to contemporary German culture (as an antidote to the hegemonic sway of the Bundesbank), come along to the Dice Bar where there’ll be a little reading, but mostly some one-handed action on the decks (err… an unfortunate consequence of a recent accident on the piste) from the legendary Thomas Meinecke.

The playlist is mostly the soundtrack of Thomas’s recently translated first novel, Tomboy, which, with some humour (or even humor), elucidates on the fundamental cultural significance of figures such as Jacques Lacan, Judith Butler, Madonna Ciccone, Lisa ‘One Eye’ Lopez and, rather too fleetingly, Uschi Obermeier. That this critical interrogation is undertaken by a loose, self-indulgent collective of sexually multifunctional friends working and studying in Heidelberg, places the book to some extent within the (t)horny canon of the university novel. However Thomas goes further and pens a theoretical enquiry uniquely his own, one which, as was pointed out on Wednesday night in Trinity, writes a primary source of a secondary source. Or something more or less unashamedly post-postmodern.

Tomboy’s a funny book. The long cadences of the German are retained in the translation, rendering something of a difficult, but as they say, a rewarding experience. I think Thomas has about 10 copies left which he’ll sign and give away for the price of a pint.

Thomas is of course of the great Munich band FSK, a favourite band of John Peel’s; the band recorded their last Peel session a few days after the great man himself died and they’ve negotiated with some skill their way across many of the contours of rock’n’roll since 1980. Like The Fall: always changing, always better. They’ve a new lp (as in a vinyl album and download) out in May.

You can read more about FSK over at the Cedar Lounge:

Afterwards, we might do a wee interview thing on FSK and their few years on the York label Red Rhino and talk more about the other musical contortions they’ve achieved and so beguiled us with over the past 32 years.

Anyway, the Dice Bar in Smithfield this afternoon, Thursday.

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  1. kiki de montparnasse

    Interesting event…

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