Public lecture: The Parish of Tulla: an unexplored archaeological landscape

The Tulla Courthouse Committee presents a talk by Franc Myles on the hidden value of the archaeological landscapes of the parish. Franc has directed three excavations on the Hill of Tulla and has been involved in the conservation of the old church as a ruin for several years.

More recently, Franc has identified some new sites and monuments in the parish using Google Earth and nineteenth-century Ordnance Survey maps. This presents Tulla at the centre of a multi-period landscape, rich in archaeological monuments of all ages.

All of this archaeological work has implications for our historical understanding of the parish’s development from the Tuath Mhór of the MacNamaras through to the settlement of the parish after the Cromwellian settlements. There are still many clues out there in the landscape that give shape to those events.

But before that again is evidence for several different earlier landscapes, suggested by monuments, place names and the very shape of the fields, the lakes and the hills.

It’s free in and we might go for a few jars across the road afterwards.

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